Donations & Payments

To Make Trip Reservations or Payments by Appointment,
Please contact me via Phone or e-mail
        "How To Make Reservation for a Trip"

At each of the Trips Descriptions you will find a
icon. This is were you will sign up & forward us all your
personal, contact information & payment method chosen
that is most convenient for you.
This Information is
necessary so as to process reservation for your trip.

How To Pay for Trip Reserved"

Payment methods accepted are Cash, Personal Cheques,
Postal Service Type Payments & Credit/Debit Card via

At each of the Trips Descriptions you will also find a  
Icon, this is were you go to forward Donation/Payments for
the trip reserved via Credit/Debit Card. Your Credit/Debit
Card will be processed through PayPal

All Personal Information Forwarded to EurTravel
Alternative will be managed for internal use only, We Will
Strictly Implement & Follow US & Italian Privacy Act/Laws.

                     See PayPal Details Below

EurTravel Alternative uses PayPal as it is a Secure and
Convenient Method to Place & Receive Payments On Line

Visit PayPal Home Page for Details On Service

Visit PayPal Protection & Security at these Links

When Using PayPal EurTravel Alternative Does Not Have Any
Access to Your Credit Card Data or Information
Always Hard At Work To Keep You Posted On New
Exciting and Fun Trips For All